Active Ministries

  • Quick Summary

    • All Church

      • Sunday 8:30AM @ The Prayer Room

      • Wednesday 6:30AM @ The Prayer Room

        • Followed by breakfast at Calico County Restaurant

    • Ladies

      • Prayer Thursday 8:30AM @ TBA

  • Contact Person

    • All Church: Pastor Jim Loper

    • Ladies: Debra Loper

Prayer Meetings


Sunday School Class

  • Quick Summary

    • Sunday 9:30AM @ The Wellington Room

      • Primary Discipleship class to develop understanding of the Word and how to apply it to our lives

      • 2017 Studying Freedom in Christ

      • 2018 Studying the book of Revelations

  • Resources/Links

  • Contact Person: Pastor Jim Loper


Sunday Morning Service

  • Quick Summary

    • Sunday 10:30AM @ The Wellington Room

      • First, we gather together in the Name of Jesus expecting His presence and power to work in our midst, we focus on worshipping Him, and allowing the Gifts of the Spirit to operate according to His will.

      • Second, Pastor Loper will preach a Christ-centered Gospel message that will ground people in their faith.

      • Third, we will minister to people's needs in prayer as the Lord leads.

    • We will be studying the book of Acts to understand our spiritual DNA as a church

  • Resources/Links

  • Contact Person: Pastor Jim Loper


Intern Program

  • Quick Summary

    • We are currently in the forming stages

    • An intern is a person who has chosen to “set themselves aside to fully devote themselves to following God’s call in serving the church and for an intensified period of discipleship”

  • Contact Person: Isaac Garcia



  • Quick Summary

    • As a church we will continue our support 

      • Life challenge in Amarillo

      • Bobby Crow in Mexico

      • Jonathan and Cherith in Ireland 

      • Summer mission trip to Waterford, Ireland kids camp

  • Contact Person: Isaac Garcia


Great Commission Directive

  • Quick Summary

    • Thursday nights at 7:00PM @ The Wellington Room

    • Team concept:

      • Evangelism

      • Prayer

      • Discipleship

    • The great commission is the prime directive of the church

    • The prime directive of the church is to preach and demonstrate the gospel everywhere and to make disciples

  • Contact Person: Isaac Garcia


Building Projects

  • Quick Summary

    • If you are interested in helping with any of these projects, please let us know

    • 2nd floor clearing

      • The past few weeks, we have been clearing the 2nd floor

      • We expect to have all the rooms cleared, cleaned, and ready for use next week

    • IT infrastructure

      • Two weeks ago, we upgraded the internet coming into the building from dial-up speeds to high speed. This upgrade will allow us to use the internet for more effective ministry.

      • The past week, we installed wifi in the Wellington room. Soon, we will have guest wifi access available during regular services.

      • Our next step in this project is to create a wifi plan for the building and start installing new routers.

    • Digital communications

      • We are upgrading the website of the church to better communicate our scheduled services and events.

    • Nursery cleanup

      • This past week, we deep cleaned the nursery area, creating a safe, clean environment for the youngest members of our church.

  • Contact PersonIsaac Garcia


Young Adults

  • Quick Summary

    • Ladies' young adults Bible Study

      • Starting September the 23rd

      • Saturday potluck brunch at 10:30AM

        • Meeting @ Johnny and Deisy's house

    • Bi-weekly Bible Study

      • For all young adults, every other week

      • Food, fellowship, study, and prayer

      • Starting date TBA

  • Contact Person

    • Lady's young adults Bible study: Camille Garcia

    • Bi-weekly Bible study: Isaac Garcia


Bible Study

  • Quick Summary

    •  Adult Bible Study

      • Starting Wednesday the 27th

      • Every Wednesday night at 7:30pm @ Prayer Room in the church

      • Following Beth Moore "Breaking Free" study

  • Resources/Links

  • Contact Person: Charlissa Stokes 

Children's Church

  • Quick Summary

    • Starting regular children's church services on Sunday at 10:30AM

  • Contact PersonIsaac Garcia


Special Dates

  • Quick Summary

    • November 12th - 5:00PM Borger 30th Anniversary Celebration

  • Contact Person: Pastor Jim Loper


Helps Ministry

  • Quick Summary

    • We are working to build a healthy team culture of service

    • You are invited to find your place in service

    • Opportunities

      • Weekly cleaning of the building

      • Nursery

      • Children Church

      • Young Adults

      • Sound ministry
      • Video ministry
      • Ushering, greeting, and security
      • Communications
        • Website, Facebook page, e-bulletin
        • Phone calls
          • Cold calls for Luke 10's
          • Discipleship scheduling
          • Invitation to events
          • Prayer
  • Contact Person: Isaac Garcia


Upcoming Ministries/Projects

Building Projects

  • Quick Summary

    • If you are interested in helping with any of these upcoming projects, please let us know

    • 3rd floor renovation

      • The next area of focus is the bathrooms. They need tubs, toilets, and sinks installed. Also, the walls, floors, and roof need to be improved. 

    • Kitchen renovation

      • As we prepare to start hosting meals in the church, we will need to bring the kitchen up to date. This includes cleaning, updating, and maintaining the equipment.

    • Office area cleaning

      • The offices need to be cleaned so they can be used by the new staff members.

    • Building leak between old and new building

      • The old and new parts of the building currently show signs of leakage during a rainstorm. We need to isolate the location of the leak and patch it. 

    • The great ivy war

      • The ivy in the inner courtyard has grown out of control and needs to be killed and removed from the building.

    • The inner and outer courtyard

      • The landscaping of the courtyards needs maintenance and a plan for improving.

    • The great pest war

      • There are a number of pests in the courtyard and attempting to get into the building. We need to gain control of the yards and entry points.

  • Contact Person: Isaac Garcia


Outreach Breakfast

  • Quick Summary

    • Starting in 2018

    • The 4th Saturday morning of the month

    • Serve free breakfast brunch to community members

  • Contact Person: Bernie Stokes


Kid's and Youth Clubs

  • Quick Summary

    • Starting in 2018

    • Breaking summer camp into smaller units to allow for scale

    • Offer 45-60min clubs across a number of topics

    • Church members serve as hosts

    • Impact the community at scale

  • Contact PersonIsaac Garcia