The Power of the Prayer of Peace and Blessing Over Your Home

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5“But whatever house you enter, first say, ‘Peace to this house.’...9“And heal the sick there, and say to them, ‘The kingdom of God has come near to you.’ (Luke 10:5, 9 NKJV)

In this amazing passage, Jesus gave the disciples some powerful ways to minister to people.

A few years ago, the Holy Spirit led our church to literally put some of these ways into practice.

So we went house to house in the neighborhood of our church and offered to pray a prayer of peace and blessing over our neighbor’s homes.

To my amazement 95% of the people said, “Yes, please pray over our homes.” In house after house we saw the Holy Spirit move on the families as we spoke prayers of peace, protection, favor, prosperity, love, and healing in Jesus’ Name. After praying these prayers we were able to lead many of them to the Lord. I cannot over emphasize what an impact this had on me.

Let me share just a few exemplary testimonies.

In one home, the family had no living room furniture at all. After praying the prayer of peace the living room was filled with nice furniture within a week. The family also received a substantial financial blessing.

In another case, a family received the new roof and car that they so badly needed.

One woman testified to me that her house which she really needed to sell, sold within a day after we prayed.

I also remember entering a home where strife between the mother and teen children was at a boiling point. After gathering the family together for the prayer of peace and blessing, repentance and reconciliation took place. The atmosphere of the home completely changed as family relationships were restored.

We saw many instantaneous, miraculous healings as we prayed over the sick in Jesus’ Name. I remember one teen aged girl being very excited as the Lord instantly healed her from strep throat. I remember a grandmother and her family being amazed as Jesus instantly healed her arm that had been injured in a fall.

We saw many home atmospheres change from fear to peace.

Overall I would say that people’s hearts were softened toward the Gospel as they experienced the goodness of God’s presence in their homes.

Having had the experience of the last few years in seeing the miraculous move of God in people’s homes as we spoke prayers of peace and blessing, we are now led to get the word out and expand our reach.

If you live in the Amarillo, Texas area and would like a team from our church to come pray the prayer of peace and blessing over your home and family, then contact the church at 806-353-3608 and we will set up a time. If the call goes to voice mail leave a message and call back number and we will call you back. Or you can email me at

Perhaps you have other relatives and friends that would like to get in on this blessing. Let us know and we will go pray for them as well.

Until then, grace and peace be multiplied to you.  Let us hear from you. We look forward to connecting with you.

Pastor Jim Loper
Cornerstone Church Amarillo